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9 Hours (night or nap)

7-9 Hours

<7 Hours

How many hours did you sleep last night? Send your numbers to your coach. Use an app like Garmin, Whoop or Sleep Cycle to help track.


Eat protein at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Protein at 3 Meals.

Protein at 2 meals.

Protein at 0 meals

Source: practice your daily/weekly healthy nutrition habit, set by you and your nutrition coach.


Run, bike, row or swim:

Warm up for 15 minutes. 

Then perform 4 x 1 min high intensity intervals at 80-90% effort. Take 1 min rest between each.(8 mins total).
Then take 3 mins easy recovery. 

After recovery, build to a hard pace and hold for 20 mins. Cool down as needed.

Consistent, hard pace over 80% max for 20 minutes

 2-3 breaks


Meditate for five minutes before breakfast.

Completion Partial Completion DNF

Source: The Mental Health Plan

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