What Are Group Fitness Classes, Really?

By Shawn McQueen, Mentor for the Two-Brain Group Coaching Course

In this 5 part series we will be diving into the good and the bad of Group Fitness classes.

Group Fitness classes get mixed reviews across the world in terms of a consistent experience. A lot of people love them, thrive within them.

Others have had experiences that are inconsistent and don’t align with what they thought they were in for.

What’s unique within CrossFit is once you complete a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Course you can begin coaching and training people. You can also choose to become a CrossFit affiliate, where you can pay a yearly fee to use the name CrossFit and open your own gym under that name. Running that gym and coaching those people, however you want to.

Within most gyms, a popular style of classes is group fitness classes. An individual leading and coaching group sizes from a handful to up to 20+ people through a 30, 45 or 60+ minute class. And a lot of people love this.


They find motivation, camaraderie and friendships amongst the people they workout with. They don’t have to think, or create a routine that works, or is effective, it’s already done for them. It’s a vibrant and exciting welcomed interruption within their day that maybe is filled with long hours of work, devoting themselves to a job, or their children, or just the demands of everyday life. It’s a productive time in their day where they are getting better physically and mentally, with others. It’s an atmosphere that can help them push themselves, get in better shape/health, that most simply couldn’t do on their own. It’s self care.

Then where does the inconsistency across the world in group fitness classes come in?

The owner & the coaches.

Who foster and create the culture within their classes, gyms, and their own brand.

Who set the precedent everyday, in every single action and interaction.

Who creates what’s important to their clients.

Who through their communication either creates certainty, belief and a willingness to learn. Or doubt, carelessness and disrespect.

Who creates the experience you can’t see your days without, or creates the experience you need to go days without.

The people who either build or destroy.

Stay tuned for our next post about ‘Creating a Thriving Culture.’

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