What They’ll Remember Your Business By

By Shawn McQueen, Mentor for Two-Brain Group Coaching Course


Are your coaches effective communicators? 

Effective communication is really the capacity to transfer an emotional level of certainty, connection, joy, understanding and awareness to other human beings.

It helps you develop into not only a better speaker, but a better leader. 

And a leader is someone who gets others to do things they wouldn’t for themselves if they weren’t there.

They get them to do more, become more, create more, experience more.

As people get more comfortable and competent they will naturally challenge themselves more. Your coaches can help shepherd this progress.

With weights, with movements, even allowing clients to be vulnerable by trying something they’ve never done, like kicking into a handstand. 

In a lot of ways they are exchanging high levels of trust in the coach, their coaching, teachings and their strategies. 

Great coaches are great at building trust. 

They build trust by communicating that they genuinely and wholeheartedly care about the person in front of them.

Because they do. 

They build trust by asking questions. 

By listening and caring about the answers. 

Great coaches build trust by seeing in people what they cannot see within themselves. 

They build trust by being truly authentic in who they are, how they speak, how they act. 

Great coaches are constantly building trust by answering the 3 most common questions members are thinking, whether that’s directly or indirectly. 

Question 1: How can I stay safe? (aka not get hurt) 

Question 2: How do I do this? (or for seasoned members what’s my focus?)

Question 3: How will this help me reach my goal?

Great coaches build trust by acknowledging their members, appreciating them and recognizing them for their effort. 

They build trust by caring about how they communicate to others.

Because words create feelings and how they were made to feel is what they’ll remember your business by.

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