What To Do When One Member Begins Coaching Another Member

By Shawn McQueen, Mentor for Two-Brain Group Coaching Course

You’ve begun doing it.

This thing you love: coaching other human beings.

You see them transform, change shape, improve physically and mentally over time right before your eyes. 

You gave them this gift. 

And it feels so good to them.

To feel this version of themselves that they always wanted to feel or possibly lost over time.






And then along their journey they see the former versions of themselves out there with them.

A newer member and they are struggling. 

And you have your back turned helping someone else.

And they take the leap of faith and offer up advice.  Advice that their coach once gave them with this same problem. 

Likely even multiple times. 

And it helped!

And the new members says “thank you so much!” 

Because now they too feel more capable. 

And your veteran member gets that dopamine hit.

And possibly thinks, “hey that wasn’t so hard and I helped Susie move and feel better.”

So naturally what do you see more of?

Members coaching members.  

It happens in all gyms.

And while it can feel like it undermines you or your staff because that is your job (and it is), have you viewed it from their lens?

Have you sought to first understand before taking action?

Here’s some simple action steps of what we recommend and how to handle members coaching members:

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