You’re Never Too Good to Stop Shadowing

Shadowing is the practice of critically watching another coach lead a training session.  

Shadowing is a great way for new coaches to learn from gym owners or more experienced coaches.  It lets the new coach witness the way in which we want them to interact with clients, teach movement and behave in the gym by showing them. 

At Two-Brain Coaching we believe strongly in the power of shadowing and build it into coach homework even if the coach is a veteran.  

On each mentor call we’ll spend time breaking down these shadowing sessions:

  • What cueing or behaviour did the coach see that they want to emulate?
  • What cueing or behaviour did the coach see that they didn’t want to emulate?  How would they have done things differently?
  • What unique situations came up and how did the coach handle them?  How would the shadow handle the same situation?

Shadowing can also be a valuable development tool for veteran coaches. 

I’ve been coaching at Catalyst for 17 years. I still hang out during sessions coached by our newer coaches to see what I can pick up from them and to feed off their energy. 

It’s very exciting to hear a younger coach come up with a way of breaking down or cueing movement that just clicks. 

Many newer coaches struggle with confidence.  A veteran coach willing to learn from a new coach can provide a huge confidence boost to the newer coach by making them feel that their knowledge and coaching style are valuable to others.  

This is huge in helping a new coach to find their voice and confidence.

It’s also a great way to make sure that the message and the culture we want to convey to our clients is consistent.

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